What we do

An experienced team of architects, planners and interior designers specialising in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

Founded in 2005 in the dynamic metropolis of Miami Florida, Synergy Design Studio quickly emerged as a leader in design and service. With influences from the melting pot of local and international culture, Miami proved to be an inspiration for a truly unique style of modern tropical Architecture.

Synergy Design Studio is a full service Architecture firm with a proven ability to adapt to the changing environment of today’s Construction industry. From pre-design to construction administration we devote time, energy and resources to communicating with our clients and team members in order to provide a seamless project delivery.

At Synergy we believe that architecture is a response to the fundamental human needs of creating shelter that not only functions but also respects and enhances the natural environment. Each project is approached as a direct response to its context and how that relates to the functions within. It is a balance of aesthetics, function and economics.

In 2009 a branch office was opened in Kingston Jamaica headed by founding partner Bruce Lopez. We currently offer full architectural services in Jamaica, South Florida and throughout the Caribbean.


At Synergy we are committed to incorporating principles of sustainable design and energy efficiency into all of our building projects to reduce negative impact on the environment, improve building performance and reduce operating costs.

We see it as our duty as designers of the built environment to provide our clients with projects that are efficient and environmentally friendly…. that not only meet but exceed their expectations.